The International Conference on Green Chemistry and Sustainable Engineering ( ) is a joint C3i/Polythecnic Institute of Portalegre(Portalegre, Portugal) and Extremadura University (Spain) promotion. This event has the objective of creating an international forum of academics, researchers and scientists to discuss worldwide results and proposals regarding to the most sound issues related to Environmentally friendly and Sustainable Chemical processes. It will be held in Barcelona (Spain) from 29-31 July 2014.

This Event will include the participation of renowned keynote speakers, oral presentations, posters sessions and technical conferences related to its subjects (green chemistry, education to a greener environment, new green businesses safer and greener innovations, designing of greener processes etc) and some touristic and cultural events and visits.

The whole content of the presented papers and conferences will be published in the Proceedings e-book. Those communications considered of having enough quality can be submitted for publication in International Journals. Those works which can not be published in any of the congress journals, will be published in a special book of the International Conference on Green Chemistry and Sustainable Development, after the congress has finished.

The Congress will also have a space for companies and/or institutions to present their products, services, innovations and research results. If you or your company are interested in participating of this exhibition, please contact the Technical Secretary ( .

Finally, owing the important of these subjects for the World Environmental Sustainability and Human Development, on behalf of the Organizing Committee we would like to invite all the Scientific Community to take part on this Conference.
Welcome to Barcelona.

The Organizing Committee